2016 JRBF – FAQ – Information from Chairman Andrew Shaw:

Batteau, JRBF General Information
Thanks for your interest in the James River Batteau Festival! As we prepare for another successful year on the river, please consider the following information in planning your time on the river! 2016 JRBF Color Brochure: Free Download - Print as many copies as you want! -Important site change: Slate River. This year we will be using a different campsite at Slate River. Our day on the river won’t change, as we are just moving to the opposite bank of the Slate, however it is very important that we both respect our new host and do not attempt to access the old site, which is now the site of a significant lumber operation whose business we cannot interfere with. New site can be accessed from Rt 652 and is the…
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JRBF Spring Meeting in Scottsville – Sunday, May 15th, 2016

Batteau, JRBF General Information, JRBF Meeting
The spring meeting of the James River Batteau Festival was held at the Tavern on the James in Scottsville, Virginia. Representatives from most of the batteau groups were in attendance. Andrew Shaw, the new JRBF Chairman, talked about the sites and various announcements. Canoeists and other individuals not included in the immediate crew or ground crew of a batteau group covered by their batteau group's boat fee are asked to please pay a daily or weekly camping fee. These fees help cover the cost of portable toilets, insurance etc. Camping fees can be paid for at the T-Shirt booth during the JRBF or pay online in advance of the festival. Permits won't be mailed but DJ will have a list of people that have paid. (DJ is the lady who…
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JRBF – 2016 Swift Water Safety Class held at Lee’s Beach – Lynchburg, VA.

JRBF General Information
The 2016 swift water rescue class was held at Mike Lee's beach in Hogtown, near Lynchburg. Many JRBF people from many crews came to hear Carrie Hood and Jackie Rosser teach river safety topics while on the land and later in the water. The VC&NS annual Conference was held on Saturday also. Some VCNS Members toured local canal sites with Dr. Bill Trout. See Canal Tour photos - Click here. The safety class was on the land in the morning and then after lunch the wetsuits and other gear was put on. Lessons were held in the water and everyone got a lot out of this important safety training!
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Swiftwater Rescue Class to be held on April 23rd in Lynchburg during the annual VC&NS Conference Weekend.

On Saturday April 23, 2016 The James River Batteau Festival will be represented by Chairman Andrew Shaw. A Swiftwater Rescue Class will be held near Lynchburg, VA led by Andrew and others. Many Batteau groups will be attending for hands on safety training by/in the river. Be sure to get a wetsuit that fits or other appropriate cold-water personal protection and bring a pfd just in case. (Life Jacket). The class will be held at Lee's Landing. This property is a beautiful section of river front on the Madison Heights side of Lynchburg, just below the Training Center. The Lee family has been most generous over the years allowing batteau crews to launch boats from the beach. Click here for directions to Lee's Landing. VC&NS conference attendees can watch this…
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JRBF-2015-Maidens Landing – 30th Annual JRBF comes to a quiet end for this year.

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The 30th Annual James River Batteau Festival came to a quiet ending at Maidens Landing Saturday afternoon. The hard core batteau crews made their way down on a rainy day from Cartersville to Maidens. Several took advantage of the higher water and came on in sooner than in years past, while others must have put out an anchor trying to put time on hold. It was really nice to see the batteau Margaret Stevens come in to their home stop on the last day, having met the crew earlier in Scottsville and took photos as they launched in Lynchburg the Friday afternoon before last. They made it to Maidens and were looking good! Congratulations to the crew! Rain continued to come down hard at times during the afternoon while waiting…
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