Batteau, Howardsville, Maple Run III, Wingina
Wingina was cool this morning as the camp came back to life. The ice man came by and took orders for ice and later delivered with his little red wagon. The Maple Run crew had a nice campfire and were cooking steak and eggs. The Troop 700 Boy Scouts were busy packing their gear and stopped to pose for a picture to be taken. The Rose of Nelson batteau pulled out due to the crews need to work on their house that they are adding on to. The clouds came over and it started to sprinkle some and the batteaux headed for Howardsville.
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Batteau, Wingina
Wingina was beautiful and peaceful under the canopy of trees along the walkway by the James River on Monday afternoon. The Lovingston Volunteer Fire Department cooked chicken in a large smoker. Mr. Wood, the landowner for the Wingina Site, sat by the river with some of his friends. Many batteau people went up to him and thanked him for letting us camp at his site for all these many years! The batteaux slowly started coming in to the site. Everyone was happy and there were no reports of trouble on the river. Late in the evening Dr. Bill Trout and I remarked at how cool the moon was coming up over the river. The night went on into a peaceful cool night to sleep well by the river.
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JRBF-2016 Bent Creek Monday AM

The Bent Creek Site on Monday morning was cool and some fog. The Ice Man came around taking orders for ice and was nice and delivered. Munley from Mason's boat crew was pounding on a piece of old metal in the ground and finally got it out so people wouldn't get hurt on it. The Ladies Slipper crew had a nice breakfast and was busy getting ready to go. The river looked nice as the participants put on sunscreen for what might a long and hot day.
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JRBF-2016 Galt’s Mill to Bent Creek

Batteau, Bent Creek Site of the JRBF, Galt's Mill site of the JRBF
Galt's Mill was beautiful when I arrived Sunday Morning. The sun was out and the air was clear and cool. Some people said that they got cold during the night and that there was a big fog earlier. The batteaux were getting ready to go and several Boy Scout troops had their canoes packed and ready to go down the river. I shuttled to Bent Creek and launched at the Greif Brother's mill (With permission and signed waiver forms). Getting ahead of the batteaux let my friend Doug Berry and I take photos from Higgenbothom Falls. Finally about 4:00 we decided we needed to leave Higgenbothom in order to get to camp and get set up. Several batteaux came through after I already had the camera packed in the waterproof…
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2016 Batteau Festival off to a Great Start in Lynchburg!

Batteau, Lynchburg Launch
The 31st annual James River Batteau Festival kicked off this  morning in Lynchburg at Percival's Island. The weather was perfect after a couple of nights of bad weather locally with some people having power outages. Jeff Taylor announced the batteaux when they left the island starting at 11:00 am. The boats looked great and everyone was having a great time. Along the entrance to the Island many vendors had interesting booths and great food vendors in the parking area. This was a great start to the Batteau Festival in Lynchburg.
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2016 JRBF – Getting ready Friday afternoon – Amherst Boat Ramp

Clifton Lee, Lynchburg Launch
The 2016 James River Batteau Festival is about to begin. Friday, June 17th, at the Amherst boat ramp activity around the batteaux parked there was getting busy. The Clifton Lee was being launched into the river, but not before Captain Lisa was seen putting some oakum near the area on an end where she famously hit a rock at 7 islands last year! Gail Timberlake, The President of the VC&NS was at the rivers edge discussing the batteaux with several young school girls. The Ladies Slipper crew has borrowed the batteau Margaret Stevens from their friends in Powhatan. The boat will carry the name plate of the Ladies Slipper and will be crewed by the famous ladies from many batteaux in the past as the crew keeps going like the…
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