Water Level Data at Cartersville – Sunday, June 26, 2016

Batteau, Cartersville, Maiden's Landing
[caption id="attachment_153137" align="aligncenter" width="2597"] Cartersville River Level DataFrom Friday, June 24 to Sunday June 26, 2016[/caption] Wow, Look at the actual data on the above chart. See how the level changed from Friday to Saturday and then Sunday. This graph shows that the predictions from up-river of a big flush of water on the way were really accurate. Thanks to everyone for taking precautions ahead of this water. Photos above by Brian Coffield. Note that the photo on the upper left was at 1:00 PM., and the other three photos at 9:00 AM. Compare to the chart and you can see the difference in a light spot in the grass to compare the difference in the river levels. If you have photos of the high water you would like to…
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Batteau, Cartersville, JRBF General Information
The 31st annual James River Batteau Festival came to an end for most of the batteau groups at Cartersville. Some groups decided to continue on to Maiden's. The big rains in the mountains is causing the river to rise and based on the reports up-stream and predictions of high water, most of the batteaux are pulling out onto their trailers at Cartersville. The Rocky Creek Wildfire crew stopped in Cartersville long enough to get a bag of food and continue to Maiden's on Friday Night. They will be ahead of the crest of high water and are a very experienced crew. Several crews went on to Maiden's on Saturday. The Lady's Slipper crew met beside the food vendor in Cartersville and took a vote about what to do. They decided…
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River Levels Projected to Rise at Cartersville by Saturday

Batteau, Cartersville
[caption id="attachment_153025" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Cartersville National Weather Service Prediction Friday June 24, 2016[/caption] Please review the following National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service from the National Weather Service website for the James River, saved at 1:10 Pm on Friday. The river is expected to rise greatly by Saturday in Cartersville. That might mean a very high situation on Saturday for the journey to Maidens. This situation may need to be reviewed by Captains in Cartersville. In 1995 a similar situation happened and that year we made the decision to pull out the batteaux in Cartersville. Flooding in West Virginia yesterday and the heavy rains in the mountains near Covington are filling the James up-river and there are already high water and flood levels up-stream. Please be cautious. Holt Messerly…
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JRBF-2016-Scottsville to Slate River

Batteau, Slate River
Photos above from the Hardware River boat ramp which is between Scottsville and Slate River. Thursday morning in Scottsville was very wet as a big storm hit during the early hours. Rain continued to fall during the morning while the batteaux loaded up to head down-river. Ralph Smith was helpful to the crew of the Thomas Jefferson as he hooked up one of his batteries to their pump to get some of the water out of their boat since they had not arrived back to camp yet. After visiting with some canoeist friends from Richmond who canceled their trip after arriving in Scottsville, I headed down to the Hardware River boat ramp. The water was rising there but still wasn't muddy. A couple of hours later I headed to the…
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Batteau, Scottsville, Scottsville Site of the JRBF
The batteaux came into Scottsville Wednesday evening and were greeted by many local people. There were many nice vendors set up along the camp by the river. Musicians played string music under a new wooden open style awning  near the canoe ramp. Children strolled along the walkway with their parents, some wanting to go in the water and play. Dr. Bill Trout and Philip de Vos from the VC&NS demonstrated a batteau going through a sluice with a nice display that Bill had built to run off batteries so he could show the children. The Tavern on the James was very busy and the food was great. Thursday the Batteaux head for Slate River.
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JRBF-2016-Howardsville – Goosby’s Falls

Batteau, Clifton Lee, Goosby's Falls, Howardsville, Scottsville
Howardsville was pleasant as usual on Tuesday afternoon. The Howardsville Ladies Club (the name I gave them) were in their usual perch above the beach with their lawn chairs and snacks and beverages visiting and waiting for the Batteaux to arrive. It was so nice to visit with them again. The rain came in the afternoon and evening and was enough to cool down the camp. The Masonic Lodge made dinners for sale and Wednesday am cooked sausage and egg biscuits for the batteau crews and was very nice. Wednesday the batteaux made their way to Goosby's Falls and the Mary Marshall went down one time and then poled back up-river around the island side and ran the rapids again! This is the first time I've taken photos of a…
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