General Information
James River Batteau Festival
Frequently Asked Questions for Participants

The information listed below is designed to help participants plan their trip and take advantage of what the festival offers.

Each year about this time we all start watching the river levels with anticipation. As of today the festival is still just over 2 weeks away so it’s too early to be confident of any river level predictions. You can go to the batteau.org website and click on James River Levels/USGS Stream flow scroll to the James River Basin, and then pick a monitoring site along our festival path. I always look at the Scottsville gauge which today is 2930cfs and fairly steady. For my preference this is about a perfect water level, but obviously a lot can and will change in the next 2 weeks. Keep an eye on the sky and river levels so you know what to expect when we hit the old timey Riva!!!

American Electric Power has again agreed to release water for Saturday and Sunday’s floats that in a low water year helps us immensely. The timing on the release is not an exact science unfortunately, and as many of us will remember in 2014 the water release Saturday didn’t happen as planned and it definitely affected our day. Again a big Thank You to American Electric Power for the help!!!

As always, I ask everyone to do everything they can to protect the property of the landowners who allow the festival to use their property. Without them we simply could not have a festival.

Lynchburg Percival’s Island – Although we are still stopping at the Island from 10:00 – 11:00AM there is no festival in the parking lot as has been the case for the past several years. We’ll leave Percival’s with a Roll Call by Jeff Taylor at 11:00AM.

Daily Festival Information:

Lynchburg: Friday June 15th
* No activities planned for Friday PM

Lynchburg: Saturday AM June 16th
* Canoes, Kayaks, and Batteaux can be launched at River Edge Park Ramp on the Amherst County side of the river. (Do not leave cars in the lot overnight)
* Batteaux will move to Percival’s Island Sat. AM before 10:00 AM and will leave Percival’s at 11:00 AM.
* There is no “Lynchburg Launch” festival as there has been in past years with vendors, music etc. The public is still being invited to come to Percival’s at 10:00am to see the Batteaux and crews and watch the launch at 11:00 AM.
* Please be at the island, look authentic, be family friendly and interact with the crowd as much as possible between 10:00 and 11:00AM.

Lynchburg: Saturday PM June 16th
* Saturday Evening the festival will stop at the field in Stapleton just down river from Galt’s Mill (space is at a premium at this site so please be mindful of this)
* Dinner at Stapleton will be available for purchase from the Amelon United Methodist Church
* Breakfast Sun AM will be available but be aware you need to be early
* Ice will be available for sale Sunday AM while supplies last
* Trash will be removed, there will be a dumpster on site
* No drinking water will be available

Bent Creek: Sunday PM June 17th
* Sunday Evening the festival will stay in the field at Bent Creek just down river from the Rt. 60 Bridge on the Amherst/Nelson Co side of the river.
* Dinner will be for sale provided by Vito’s Pizza
* Breakfast is not available
* Ice will be available for sale Monday AM
* Drinking water will be available

Wingina: Monday PM June 18th
* Monday Evening the festival will stay in Wingina at the property just upriver from the DGIF boat ramp.
* Dinner will be for sale provided by the Lovingston Vol. Fire Dept.
* Ice will be available Tue AM
* Drinking water will be available
* The landowner has asked that we keep dogs under control, preferably leashed

Howardsville: Tuesday PM June 19th
* Tuesday Evening the festival will stay in Howardsville at Jimmy Crews property just down river from the Rockfish River, at the public boat landing.
* Dinner and breakfast will be for sale
* Ice and other supplies will be available for purchase at the Howardsville General Store within walking distance.

Scottsville: Wednesday PM June 20th
* Wednesday Evening the festival stops in Scottsville at the James River Reeling and Rafting property just upriver from the DGIF boat ramp.
* Dinner, breakfast, and supplies are available at various stores within walking distance
* Please support the various businesses in Scottsville who welcome us to town.
* Showers and camping is available at the Old School – Please do not enter the building until after 6:00PM – Please do not camp on the ball field.

Slate River: Thursday PM June 21st
* Thursday Evening the festival will stay at the Solite Plant where the Slate River meets the James
* Dinner will be for sale, provided by the Dillwyn Baptist Church Youth Group
* Breakfast will not be available
* Ice will be available for sale Fri. AM
* Water is available at a spigot on the building at the top of the hill (do not enter building please!)
* Be aware that we only have permission to cross the RR tracks Thursday June 25th-26th so please plan accordingly.

Cartersville: Friday PM June 22nd
* Friday Evening the festival will stop at the DGIF ramp in Cartersville and the field directly down river.
* Dinner and breakfast will be for sale.
* Ice will be available for sale Sat AM
* No water is available
* General Meeting. Meeting time has been changed from the usual Sat AM to Friday PM. Exact time flexible but plan to be invited to the meeting some time after 7:00PM. We’ll take a picture while the light is good, Award Dewey Pole, Award Lady Slipper Paddle, in addition to recognizing invited guests (Batteau captains and crews from first JRBF in 1986) John Rothert has invited the original Captains from 1986 so it will be a chance to exchange stories with some of our founding fathers.

Maidens Landing: Saturday PM June 23rd
* Batteaux will arrive mid afternoon
* No meal is provided

Note: This General Info Sheet will be updated when/if anything changes so please check back prior to the festival.

April 2, 2019