Goolsby’s Incident report according to Charlie Davis, Capt. of the batteau “Virginia Creeper”

Batteau, Batteau Breakup, Howardsville, Scottsville, Virginia Creeper
[nggallery id=38] From Wingina to Howardsville we had major rain, at times you couldn't see 2 hundred yards. We lowered the canvas and a half a dozen kayakers came over to the batteau for shelter. Two women and one fellow stayed aboard for the rest of the trip. Jack and one of the women, Maggie the RN, hit it off over shots of bourbon. The guy who joined us, Henry, floated with us the next day to Scottsville. Wednesday on that trip we got locked up in the rocks about mid-river in some serious current above the falls at Goosby. Punched a hole in the boat you could drop a baseball through. Water poured in, we probably had five or six inches of water in the boat before I could…
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