Scottsville – Wednesday June 24th, 2020

Arriving at Scottsville and going over the railroad tracks towards the boat ramp I quickly saw what a mess things were down there with lots of mud from the recent high water. I took a photo of the river level lines with the river in the background and decided an indoor place to eat was…


JRBF-Scottsville-Thursday-AM, June 20, 2019.

Scottsville Thursday morning was pretty nice. The rain from yesterday afternoon was gone and a slight amount of fog was on the river. The water is still a little bit brown from the recent rains but not too bad.  The batteaux took their time getting ready this morning and the shuttle takes longer too. The…


JRBF-Scottsville-Wednesday-PM, June 19, 2019.

Scottsville was warming up this afternoon and we could see the clouds building up for a good rain. The rain held off for a good while and only rained some towards the evening time. The batteaux came around the bend and the public enjoyed seeing them come in. When it was raining it was so…


JRBF – Scottsville – Thursday AM – June 21, 2018

Thursday morning in Scottsville was cool and quiet. After another shower late in the evening the night air had cooled down to a comfortable sleeping temperature! Arriving by the river as it was getting light Doug Berry and I took photos of the fog and clouds on the river.  The riverside came to life gradually…


JRBF – Scottsville – Wed. June 20, 2018

The Scottsville site of the 2018 James River Batteau Festival was a little damp after a storm dropped a decent amount of rain. There were some big mud puddles and some children delighted in playing in the mud. The food vendors were along the campsite by the river and included BBQ, smoothies and several other…

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James River Batteau Festival – Maps to sites:

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The batteaux came into Scottsville Wednesday evening and were greeted by many local people. There were many nice vendors set up along the camp by the river. Musicians played string music under a new wooden open style awning ┬ánear the canoe ramp. Children strolled along the walkway with their parents, some wanting to go in…