JRBF-2016-Howardsville – Goosby’s Falls

Batteau, Clifton Lee, Goosby's Falls, Howardsville, Scottsville
Howardsville was pleasant as usual on Tuesday afternoon. The Howardsville Ladies Club (the name I gave them) were in their usual perch above the beach with their lawn chairs and snacks and beverages visiting and waiting for the Batteaux to arrive. It was so nice to visit with them again. The rain came in the afternoon and evening and was enough to cool down the camp. The Masonic Lodge made dinners for sale and Wednesday am cooked sausage and egg biscuits for the batteau crews and was very nice. Wednesday the batteaux made their way to Goosby's Falls and the Mary Marshall went down one time and then poled back up-river around the island side and ran the rapids again! This is the first time I've taken photos of a…
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2016 JRBF – Getting ready Friday afternoon – Amherst Boat Ramp

Clifton Lee, Lynchburg Launch
The 2016 James River Batteau Festival is about to begin. Friday, June 17th, at the Amherst boat ramp activity around the batteaux parked there was getting busy. The Clifton Lee was being launched into the river, but not before Captain Lisa was seen putting some oakum near the area on an end where she famously hit a rock at 7 islands last year! Gail Timberlake, The President of the VC&NS was at the rivers edge discussing the batteaux with several young school girls. The Ladies Slipper crew has borrowed the batteau Margaret Stevens from their friends in Powhatan. The boat will carry the name plate of the Ladies Slipper and will be crewed by the famous ladies from many batteaux in the past as the crew keeps going like the…
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Lisa Barbieri from the batteau “Clifton Lee” with Maiden’s landing in sight for the first time on her new batteau!

Batteau, Clifton Lee, Maiden's Landing
Lisa Barbieri from the batteau "Clifton Lee" loves this photo of her standing on the front of her new boat approaching the Maiden's bridge. She said: "I love that picture of me named water willow.  My crew member Keith Flanagan snapped that as I was taking the Clifton Lee into Maidens.  The colors are amazing and I was so filled with joy! Love ya, Lisa" P.S.  Editor's Note: We are glad this is a dog friendly boat. Sorry Jake Dog and I couldn't make it to Cartersville that am to go with this boat the last day. We wanted to but it was just too much to make it there in time etc. Holt
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