Rassawek Autumn Festival – October 22-23, 2022

The role of the canal society in this year’s Autumn festival was different from last year when we displayed a batteau artifact and set up a table with VC&NS merchandise. This year, we provided volunteers to sell beer and wine at the old Short Pump garage, which has been relocated to Rassawek Vineyards along with many other structures. Many thanks to all those who came to help, your participation is greatly appreciated. The James River Batteau Festival will be receiving a donation because of our volunteer work to help them with their refreshment sales. We also did our normal thing of sharing our love for navigation and the James River Batteau Festival, and we talked to hundreds of festival attendees and sold some atlases. We discovered that not everyone who lives in the James River watershed knows about the batteau festival. We worked very hard to rectify this oversight by talking about it to everyone who would listen.

The Autumn festival is only a few years old, and this year was larger than the last with more vendors and exhibitors. Transportation around the event was provided by a steam traction engine with stops at the event pavilion and the train village. It seems like the goal is to keep adding more infrastructure and demonstrations each year, and I for one cannot wait to see what happens next year! See you then, sometime around the 4th weekend in October.