BatteauJRBF General Information

2022 James River Batteau Festival just around the corner. Batteaux Depart Lynchburg on the 120 mile epic voyage Saturday June 18th.

SATURDAY June 18th – Lynchburg to Galt’s Mill Stapleton

  • Batteaux leave Percival’s Island in Lynchburg at 11:00am.  Public is invited to the island which is in Downtown Lynchburg to see the batteaux and cheer as they leave for Galt’s Mill/Stapleton.
  • Saturday’s trip is approximately 14 miles and the festival participants will be camping the the field river left just past Galt’s Mill itself.

SUNDAY June 19th- Stapleton to Bent Creek

  • Sunday’s day on the river is about 15 miles and ends river left just past the Rt. 60 bridge.  The day includes Wreck Island falls, Riverville, Higginbotham Falls, and a trip behind Pettyjohn Island water level permitting. 

MONDAY June 20th-  Bent Creek to Wingina

  • The float from Bent Creek to Wingina is 13 miles, highlights of the trip include Tye River ledge and a 1700’s Sluice.

TUESDAY June 21st-  Wingina to Howardsville

  • This day involves a 13 mile journey including going behind Sycamore Island and late in the day navigating Dog Island ledges.  We camp for the night at the ramp in the town of Howardsville.

WEDNESDAY June 22nd-  Howardsville to Scottsville

  • The 12 miles to Scottsville is arguably the favorite of many of the Batteau Crews.  Early in the day Goosby Falls presents the batteaux with likely the best rapids of the week.  Rock Island and the associated ledges have again a 1700’s Sluice built by the batteaux men to help the boats get around the ledges.  Hatton Ferry and Perkins Falls provides a fun run and chance to see a ferry which has a rich and long history.  The last couple miles prior to arriving at Horseshoe Bend and Scottsville is a lazy float but does provide a chance to see an Aqueduct at Totier Creek.

THURSDAY June 23rd-  Scottsville to Slate River

  • Slate River campsite is just upriver from the Slate River itself and 11 miles downriver from Scottsville.  The day to Slate River involves navigating through the Seven Islands area with many picturesque and interesting islands to go behind.  The Hardware River provides a several mile upriver pole to see on of the best Double Aqueducts on the river. (access to the aqueducts may be blocked by trees down for 2022 so be aware)

FRIDAY June 24th –  Slate River to Cartersville

  • The run to Cartersville is the longest of the festival at 21 miles.  Halfway through the day you’ll pass the river town of Columbia and a mile later is a chance on river left to go behind Elk Island.  Part way down the 6 mile island is Byrd Creek home to one of the prettiest and most picturesque Aqueducts on the entire James River.

SATURDAY JUNE 25TH – Cartersville to Maidens Landing

  • This 17 mile run is bittersweet as it means the end of the JRBF when we arrive at Maidens Landing.  The river in this stretch is still enjoyable with Aqueducts and islands, but it largely has gotten wider and slower and may involve more poling to get the batteaux to Maidens.