James River Batteau FestivalScottsvilleVirginia Canals & Navigations Society

JRBF-2021-Scottsville – June 23-24, 2021.

The 36th annual James River Batteau Festival was very nice in Scottsville. Ashby Denby from James River Reeling and Rafting was real nice and gave me space #1 for me to set up the Batteau History Tent. A really great fireman named Raymond Patterson was very helpful with setting up the tent and fly. I really appreciate his help a lot. 

There were a good number of various vendors selling apple cider and craft beer. The display of arrowheads was awesome. A petting zoo for kids was nice. The Jazz band playing with the batteau banner behind them sounded great and added a lot to the event. 

The batteaux came in and were looking great. 

Eating at a local bar was fun and many other batteau people were there also.

Scottsville was a very nice place to be for the Batteau Festival.