HowardsvilleJames River Batteau FestivalVirginia Canals & Navigations Society

JRBF-2021-Howardsville – June 22-23, 2021.

The Howardsville site was really great. I set my new wedge tent and fly up high on the hill in Howardsville! Setting the tent up a day early was a good thing as it poured down rain Tuesday morning and inside the tent was nice and dry. Later in the afternoon things cleared up. Johnny Crews and his friends were gathered by his camping trailer beside the kitchen building. The local Masonic Lodge sold spaghetti dinners with various deserts. Homemade NC Style BBQ was also available. The Lodge members were very nice and the meal was fantastic. I had a big brownie that took me a while to eat all of it! Wednesday morning the Masonic group sold breakfast items.

The Ladies who gather each year on the bank watched as the boats came in and cheered when boats came in.

In the evening the  batteau Clifton Lee was worked on due to some problem leaks. The boat was turned over beside the boat ramp with two large barrels inside. The ropes were placed around the boat and attached to a truck. Batteauists got beside the boat and helped push it down and bail water into the boat and then the truck pulled it on over. Then a leaf blower was used to blow air into the inside of the upside down boat in the water and it was amazing to see the mist spew out of the places that needed to be fixed. Oakum was packed into the problem areas and the boat was later turned over and was doing great today.

Wednesday morning the sun came up over the batteau Queen Anne and later some fog and it was absolutely beautiful.