James River Batteau FestivalLynchburg LaunchVirginia Canals & Navigations Society

36th Annual James River Batteau Festival – Start at Percival’s Island – June 19th, 2021.

The 36th annual James River Batteau Festival began with the loud boom of the cannon aboard the batteau Lizzie Langley beside Percival’s Island. The boats looked great, the weather was beautiful and everyone was in great spirits.

Jeff Taylor announced the batteaux as they began their 8 day journey to Maiden’s Landing, near Richmond, VA.

There was a good water release from Rusens Dam, just up-river from Lynchburg. The batteau left at 11:00 am and shortly thereafter Jeff Taylor and I noticed the grass laying down beside the island. This showed that the water was already starting to drop. I mentioned this to three batteaux still trying to get ready that they better hurry up and leave since the release was already past Percivals. They finished getting ready and off they went.