James River Batteau FestivalLee's LandingRucker's Landing

The 36th Annual James River Batteau Festival is almost here!


Many people are looking forward to the 36th annual James River Batteau Festival and I thought I’d get a few photos of some of the boats at Rucker’s Landing and Lee’s Landing.

On Sunday, June 6, 2021 the water was clear and low. The batteau Lizzie Langley sat high and dry above the boat ramp looking really good with Lynchburg behind the boat. Down-River at Lee’s Landing the batteau Alvin Eugene was bone dry inside. Daniel Lee stood proud on board and looks forward to going down the river again this year!

Today, Tuesday, June 15th, 2021, the Lizzie Langley was still looking great while a new batteau just down from the ramp had that new wood look and was floating nicely. Last Friday, while weed-eating at Wingina, a great batteau person Kevin Ferrell said that the boat name has yet to be decided.

The river was up today from the rains the past few days and the chart showed basically 2 spikes in the river level and it appears that the forecast is for the water to get down to about where it was before the rain last weekend. The folks at Lee’s Landing today were hopeful that we have at least enough water to get them past Bent Creek!

The batteau Brightwell’s Mill was also looking very very nice with the new wood and was floating high and dry below the old rail road bridge. Roger Huffman was visiting today with Randy Lee and they were happy with the new boat.

Philip Johnson, a JRBF participant since 1988, was hard at work fixing various things preparing the batteau Alvin Eugene and even tested the interior of the box for everyone to have a good laugh.

Two river rescue raft’s were out practicing today and stopped by and visited a few minutes.

The sun was shining the water was up and the boats in the water so far were in great shape.

Holt Messerly in Lynchburg, VA, June 15, 2021.