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History of the James River Batteau Festival – Vol. 1, 1986-2020 – Information for New Book:

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History of the James River Batteau Festival, Vol. 1, 1986-2020, the first 35 years is the newest book being sponsored by Bill Trout. Holt Messerly is gathering  old photos, stories, historical events and information from the JRBF’s first 35 years. 

This year, 2021 and probably into 2022, the goal is to visit many of the groups and look at scrap books and collect any and all cool and interesting things to put into this book. Each Batteau group such as the fine ladies from the Women’s Batteau Guild, otherwise known as the Lady’s Slipper are welcome to write an article about their many adventures as well as the basic historical facts such as dates various boats were in service, etc. 

Please email Holt Messerly for more details. 

We look forward to hearing from your group, or individual, or site etc. There are so many aspects to the JRBF and this book isn’t going to be easy but somehow it has to get done. The time is now. 

Also, if anyone has a good bag phone that was used on the JRBF I need that to photograph for the early JRBF days emergency communications history. 

Good Luck Batteauists! Hopefully what looks to be a dry year won’t be as bad as 1993 at Bent Creek.