JRBF General Information

2021 JRBF Information for participants from Chairman Andrew Shaw:


It’s hard to believe we are only a little more than 6 weeks away from the 2021 Batteau Festival!
I wanted to send out some information about this year’s float and cleanups.  Additionally, in lieu of our traditional spring meeting we will be flipping our new boat on Sunday, 5/16 at 1:00 in the afternoon.  Please come lend a hand if you are able and would like to discuss any JRBF details in person.  
Corona Limitations: 
Percival’s Launch: Given the Governor’s Covid policy, we are unable to obtain permission from the City of Lynchburg to host our traditional Percival’s Island launch festivities.  
Scottsville School Showers: We are unclear whether Albemarle County will allow us to use the showers.  Will advise as soon as we know.  
T-shirts: Given that won’t have the launch and likely Scottsville crowds that typically provide a substantial portion of our t-shirt revenue, we will not have a full t-shirt booth per usual.  There will be select opportunities for festival participants to purchase t-shirts
Camping/ Cleanups
Bent Creek – New Ownership 
As always it is worth remembering and repeating that our festival could not exist if not for the willingness to of landowners to host us on their property.  The Bent Creek site is under new ownership. The new owner is eager and excited to host us, and will be at the site from Friday through Sunday with much of his immediate and extended family.  Let’s be sure to make a good first impression!
Locations of all sites remain the same as last year. 
Cleanup Schedule and Point Person
As usual, we need to clean up campsites in the week and a half prior to the festival.  Help with cleanups is needed and very much appreciated! If you have a weed eater, or other hand tools like rakes please bring them. Please let the point person know if you plan to participate. 
Galt’s Mill –  Sat 6/12 at 9:00 AM 
Dylan Schumacher of the Lizzie Langley is the point person.  Please lend Dylan a hand if you are able and let him know if you are planning on attending
Bent Creek – Sat 6/12
Rivertime and Alvin Eugene are running point
Wingina – Fri 6/11
Roger Nelson is point here.  Typically cleanup starts around 1:00.  This site is a heavy lift PLEASE ATTEND IF YOU CAN.  
Howardsville – No work required
Scottsville – No work required
Slate River – 6/12 8:00 AM 
Point person is Randy Waycaster.  Randy is no longer participating in the festival, but is still generous enough to help facilitate our use of this site and the cleanup.  PLEASE MAKE AN EFFORT TO HELP RANDY.
Cartersville – 6/12
Ned Nelson is running point for the Cartersville Cleanup.  
Food/ Ice and Water
Food vendors – you can expect food vendors at all the usual sites. 
Ice sale – you can expect ice sales per usual 
Water –  The festival is NOT providing water at any stops. Please plan accordingly.   
Boat Flipping / Meeting 
We plan to flip our new boat on Sunday 5/16 at 1:00 PM.  
Location: 3994 Monacan Trail Rd, North Garden, VA 22959.

 Please let me know if you plan to attend. We are on Rt 29 and have limited parking.  If possible, please carpool / meet at and ride from Crossroads Store, which is about 1 mile north.  
Looking forward to seeing everyone on the river! 
-Andrew Shaw