James River Batteau Festival

JRBF – 2020 Group Photo – 10 signed and numbered prints available.

Hey Batteau People,

The group photo from The 2020 Tiller center spread I enlarged from 11×17 to 12×18 (on 13×19 photo paper).

I have 10 prints available.

These are signed on the back by me, William Holt Messerly, Jr, 2020 and numbered 1-5 of 10 Glossy/ Then 1-5 Lustre Finish out of 10 total. 5 each glossy and lustre (slight texture to print paper).

I was donating the print paper and thought maybe donations to the jrbf for a print like maybe 30 or 40 dollars? 

Please let me know if you want one of the prints. Click here to email.  Maybe I should reserve #1 for Bill Trout for the VCNS archives?