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Maiden’s Landing – June 27, 2020 – 35th Journey down the James ends well.

Bill Trout made it to Maiden’s landing  just fine and set up his table with a few things to show. 

There were a lot of tubers and various other plastic boaters on this nice sunny Saturday! Walking up the bank waiting for batteaux to arrive, I came upon Diane Easley sitting at a small table with her laptop by the river in the shade! Diane then came to check on Bill after hearing about the mornings events! 

As the afternoon got hotter and the wait for batteaux got longer all of a sudden I noticed Jake was standing up looking around in the truck while a few minutes before he was all curled up in the ac. So darned if the ac didn’t go out! What a day! So we shifted gears and tried to sit in the shade with Bill.

Eventually the Lady’s Slipper was the first batteau to arrive and did so in style looking fantastic in the sun!

Then came the batteau Clifton Lee with former Captain, Lisa on the shore cheering them as they arrived to Maiden’s after the long 8 days.

The batteau Rivertime came in with the crew looking fantastic as usual!

It was just too darn hot to stay any longer as the rest of the batteaux would be a while probably and I needed to take Jake to my Mom’s near Richmond.

So even though this year’s 35th journey of the batteaux down the James from Lynchburg to Maiden’s on the Batteau Festival Trail wasn’t “official”, the way I see it, #35 is in the books and next year makes the 36th otherwise it will be way to hard to keep track of in future years! (My opinion) The only thing missing from this years event was as my dear departed batteau co-captain Freddie “Flipper” Crance used to say was “John Q. Public” with the T-shirt Booth not being there and the VC&NS booth being limited to Bill and a small table! With all the various hardships before during and after the trip, the batteaux still made it once again for the 35th time with old friends gathered together and all was good in the end!

Holt Messerly with Jake Dog at Maiden’s Landing on the James River in Powhatan County, Virginia.