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Cartersville – June 27, 2020 – Batteaux Head to Maidens Landing while Bill Trout headed into the ditch!

With my dog Jake resting his nose on the nice cool air in the truck the whole way to Cartersville, we arrived just in time to for me to jump out with the camera and take a group shot! 

I brought Bill Trout a biscuit for breakfast and left Jake in the truck a while with the ac running.

The batteaux looked real good lined up with the nice blue sky and bright sunshine. The river water was still muddy looking and never really cleared up good this week. Gradually some of the batteau people that lived nearby came in with nice clean batteau  clothes. Little kids played in the dirt while crews fixed food and got ice from the regular festival ice man. Dylan Shumacher was with Megan Heatwole by the river while Megan took off her glasses for some photos that turned out real good I thought.

The Mary Marshall and The Sedalia Endeavor pulled out at Cartersville while The Anthony Rucker proudly continued down the river in their best old timey outfits with the boat in greats shape!

The Thomas Jefferson had Linda and Norm Hansen and generations of Hansens on board and did a great job with their batteau!

After everyone had finally departed Cartersville, I stepped over to my truck and got ready to leave for Maidens. Turning around I saw that Bill Trout had driven his green station wagon straight down into the deepest part of the ditch beside the boat ramp!  What the heck Bill!!! OMG!!!! The back end was up in the air. The windshield got broken from the heavy Frank Padget display inside Bill’s car that slid down and hit the rear view mirror which in turn broke the glass. Some people getting ready to go down the river helped Bill call AAA. When AAA arrived the nice driver kind of scratched his head and then got the car up out of the ditch. Afterwards, Bill and I sat with Jake in the shade collecting our thoughts while Bill said maybe he shouldn’t be driving anymore and I said he just needs a nice big car and a driver to take him around! So then Bill followed me down the road to Powhatan not driving real fast making sure Bill’s car didn’t have any problems.

Holt Messerly with Jake dog at Cartersville on the James River in Virginia