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Howardsville Wednesday Morning June 24th, 2020.

Driving to Howardsville in the real early morning light was awesome seeing the colorful sky along the country road. The batteaux were all lined up along the bank and some people were still sleeping when I arrived. 

Howardsville came to life as the sun rose and gradually some of the boats started to leave but no one was in any kind of a hurry.

Dr. Bill Trout stood on the bank with Diane Easley and we talked about her Dad, Howard Williams, who died not too long ago. 

Chris onboard the Rivertime was doing a lot of bailing a while but was getting the boat in good shape.

It was good to see the Anthony Rucker as they departed looking very good for the photos. 

Holt Messerly in Howardsville, Virginia along the James and Rockfish Rivers