BatteauLady's SlipperWingina

Wingina was beautiful as usual today!

The mid afternoon sun glowing through the trees along the walkway by the river in Wingina was beautiful today!

I arrived to find Bill Trout sitting with long time batteauist and musician Jason Hatcher and his friend on the other side of Bill playing a guitar and singing. The man with the guitar said that he used to play music with Joe Ayers. It was really nice hearing the music. Very nice.

I sat down to eat my lunch that I had bought at a local place along rt. 29 not knowing that the food truck was going to be at the site. Many people bought the food and it looked good. Bill Trout ate one of those big corn on a stick things. 

Then I noticed my back left tire was flat. Oh my Gosh it’s always something. I tried pumping it up with an emergency pump I carry and got the tire about half full, tried driving to a car place near where Roger Nelson lives and got as far as the Wingina Store and pulled over. The tire looked real flat! Then low and behold none other than Mr. Cliff Wood, (Owner of the Wingina Site and has let the JRBF stay there for 35 years!), stopped to help me and gave me a ride to the car place and introduced me. The people there were awesome helping me so much. I got a used tire good enough to get back to lynchburg and I just can’t thank the people enough.

Back at Wingina some batteau were coming in. The Lady’s Slipper had put in at the State Park boatramp about 5 miles up-stream from Wingina. The Clifton Lee was already parked down below the boat ramp when the ladies came in a bit fast nosecone in to the side of the Clifton Lee and then the back end of the Lady’s Slipper swung back around to hit the bridge abutment and tilted up-stream slightly which was a very tense moment! When the boat hit the bridge abutment, David Samuel was knocked off the boat making it look like he was going after his hat. However, Dot said that David was devastated being knocked in to the dangerous water and that he swam for all he was worth to get back to the shore. David and everyone are fine.

When the boats up-stream side of the camp gathered together they were having a very relaxed and nice time cooking and enjoying the beautiful Wingina Site.

Holt Messerly in Wingina by The James River