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Bent Creek Site Sunday Afternoon

The batteaux started arriving in the late afternoon with plenty of daylight left! The crew of The Thomas Jefferson said it was a pretty easy day. Several batteaux had already lined up nosecones to the beach while one recent arrival just up-stream hogged the bank, side to the bank, which left it difficult for others to get close to the bank for dipping in to the eddy to turn and park with the other batteaux that had started the line of parked boats as was noted by long time batteau captain, Mr. Roger Nelson.

Bent Creek is historically difficult to park in anyway and this day the water was higher than usual and as Roger Nelson so nicely said something like “they will have to learn the hard way”, and some other old timers like Byrne and Charlie Hatcher etc,  watching responded with a “thats right…”. But seriously, Rob Campbell, It was sad seeing you guys in the Audie Beth try to park with all due respect and I just hate to embarrass you with posting the pictures. Perhaps Mason can show you how it’s done. (poking fun here…)

On the bank in camp Dr. Trout had a small display for the VC&NS. The grounds were prepared very nicely and it was good to see folks like the Hansens (Thomas Jefferson) with a nice big family campsite! The Vito’s Pizza truck was there and lots of people like Gail Timberlake were nice and sharing slices with home made tea. Thank you Gail! Also, Mr. John Rothert was in attendance enjoying the fantastic day.

Holt Messerly with Jake Dog by the James River in Bent Creek.