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Batteaux begin their 35th annual journey down the James River

I Headed down to the river real early this morning hoping to catch some of the fog on the river behind the boats. I arrived at the private landing as it was getting a little daylight and there was no fog. The water was down a lot from the day before and I took a few reference photos showing the waterlines.

The batteaux were all quiet at that time of the morning and I tried to be quiet while several people were sleeping onboard the boats. The landing was peaceful and the sun started coming in and the day looked like it was going to be great. The Jubilee once again filled the campsite with the smells of some fine cooking going on in style!

Gradually the camp came to life and people arrived and the boats were readied with supplies. Lots of good friends were around having a good time visiting. Randy Lee sat in a chair with his big dog beside him while Roger Huffman gave great support to the conversations around the campfire. Little kids ran around playing and one little boy was playing in the mud and running around like crazy having the time of his life.

Eventually on batteau-time, aka rivertime, the batteaux started coming down the river from Ruckers Landing. The Anthony Rucker, The Morning Dew, The Sedalia Endeavor, The Fine Creek Mill, The Rivertime, The Clifton Lee, and The Thomas Jefferson came under the bridge and past the batteau waiting there to leave. Then The Mary Marshall, and The Lizzie Langley, The Audie Beth, The Alvin Eugene, The Jubilee and the rest left for Bent Creek. The Maple Run stayed tied up in the river at the private landing after deciding not to go down in the high water. The Ladies Slipper did not put in at Ruckers Landing.

The boats are going two days on the river in one and will arrive at Bent Creek at an unpredictable time with the great river level.

Holt Messerly Along the James River near Lynchburg, Virginia.