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The Mighty James River Rises Again!

Wow, What a difference a week makes. The heavy rains over the past week or so here and most importantly up in the mountains have brought much water to the mighty James River! (Click here for River Level’s)

Traveling to an undisclosed private landing near Lynchburg on Friday Morning with my dog Jake, we arrived around 8 am to find some awesome batteaumen preparing their batteaux for the river! My dog Jake was so excited and while holding his leash I promptly slipped backwards and sideways scraping my elbow and getting up with mud all over myself. Those who saw this got a good laugh! Great way to get started taking pictures and the phone case did it’s job with my iphone!

The batteau Alvin Eugene was beached from the water dropping overnight from the higher level the night before. After much figuring and batteau engineering a tractor was used to shove the boat back down the slick wet muddy grass and into the river. 

The crew of the Lizzie Langly were like beavers fixing this and that and re-tying and moving/adjusting batteaux for the ever changing river conditions. Teamwork and batteau spirit were in high gear!

Leaving the private area, I went to Rucker Landing in Lynchburg and saw a few batteaux safely parked in the trees down below the ramp and the crews were getting their boats prepared. Then I drove up to Scotts Mill Dam and saw the powerful water!

The batteau people I talked to on Friday were in great spirits and as usual taking the ever changing conditions in stride!

Holt Messerly with Jake Dog along the James River near Lynchburg.