Justin Andrew Samuels, Rest in Peace.


Justin Andrew Samuels
Apr 9, 1976 – Nov 16, 2019

This week, the batteau community joins the Samuels’ family in mourning the loss of the batteau “Rivertime” crew member Justin Samuels. With his booming voice, boundless enthusiasm, and outgoing spirit, Justin was an unmistakable feature of the James River Batteau Festival in recent years.

His absence on the river next year will be palpable. While we grieve Justin’s passing, we are also deeply grateful that Rivertime Captain, Bru Norconk, remains with us and is on the road to recovery. We look forward to many more years on the river with Bru running sweep, ensuring all the boats make it into camp. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Samuels and Norconk families.

For further details about Justin’s services, etc., please see the funeral home website by clicking here.


The crew of the batteau “Rivertime” departing Scottsville on Friday, June, 21st, 2019.

Someone shouted to the crew “WHAT TIME IS IT ?” 

The crew always shouts back “R I V E R T I M E !!!”