Maiden's Landing

JRBF-Maiden’s Landing, June 22, 2019.

Maiden’s Landing was busy and the parking lot full when I arrived in mid-afternoon and it was starting to get hot and was real hot inside the facilities in the field. 

It was surprising to see the Mary Marshall at the landing earlier than expected. Andrew Shaw and his crew took the batteau out and onto their trailer making it all look easy.

Sitting on a camping chair beside the river and waiting for the other batteaux to come in was very calm and peaceful. It was nice speaking to a lady about the former batteau “boat 4” and the crew from long ago like the late Dave Greiner. She was happy that someone remembered her relatives.

There was a nice mix of sun and clouds to get good pictures today. It was exciting when Lisa B. and her crew all gathered around onboard the Clifton Lee and celebrated with some bubbly. They popped the top way off in the distance.

The Anthony Rucker was not the last to arrive at Maiden’s and in fact there was plenty of daylight left. 

It was good seeing so many old friends and new ones met along the way. I never put my canoe in the water this entire trip. I don’t know why exactly only that the mood never hit me. Traveling with the ground crews and meeting the public is a different experience than being on the boat every day.

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I’m not sure which group photo everyone will like the best. The photos are a little dark and can probably be lightened up some in photoshop. 

Finally, Thank you to all the hard work done by all the crews. Just getting the boats ready and getting down the river with all the many problems along the way and making it to the finish line was incredible.

Thank you to Bill Trout and the T-Shirt booth for working hard for the festival and the VC&NS.

Thanks everyone for another good festival.

Holt Messerly

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