JRBF-2019-Cartersville-Saturday-AM, June 22, 2019.

Cartersville was nice and cool this morning and had a beautiful pink sky as the sun rose up first thing.

A group photo was taken a little after 8am. Andrew Shaw gave the Dewey Pole Award to Rob Campbell and his batteau crew. Andrew awarded a JRBF-Trail Atlas to Megan and Beth for all their help with this year’s festival.

Gail Timberlake from the Lady’s Slipper awarded the Lady’s Slipper Paddle to a canoeist.

The Sedalia Endeavor pulled out at Cartersville. and one other boat was also waiting to be pulled out early also.

Gradually the batteaux left on this long day headed to Maiden’s Landing for the last stop of this year’s festival.

The boats will come in later this afternoon/evening.

Holt Messerly

If you would like to order high resolution photo prints from the photographer please see his website. Thank you.