JRBF-Scottsville-Thursday-AM, June 20, 2019.

Scottsville Thursday morning was pretty nice. The rain from yesterday afternoon was gone and a slight amount of fog was on the river. The water is still a little bit brown from the recent rains but not too bad. 

The batteaux took their time getting ready this morning and the shuttle takes longer too. The sun broke out mid morning and boats gradually left for Slate River. 

Lisa B. was riding with her boyfriend in the truck to see the Clifton Lee off. Kevin Ferrell was talking about last night and how he might have offered a lady a job on the boat that sounded pretty much like cooking and cleaning….Dillon Schumacher was laughing about this and so was Sebastian Backstrom. Kevin was telling this story and the more he told the more he sounded like he was in quicksand. We all had a good laugh.

So everything is good in Scottsville this morning. See you in Slate River for a Masonic Lodge’s Catfish fry! They said they were having Catfish caught in a lake beside NC, and they were also having hot-dogs. Please come support the food vendor!

Holt Messerly

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