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JRBF-Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 – Accident at Goosby’s falls this morning.

Lisa B. from the batteau Clifton Lee, Wednesday afternoon, June 19, 2019 at The Tavern by the James.

Lisa B. from the batteau Clifton Lee had an accident this morning at Goosby’s rapid.

This is the account of the event as told to me by Lisa while sitting outside of the Tavern by the James in Scottsville this afternoon:

Lisa said she was getting situated on board the batteau and was trying to decide whether to sit on a lower walkboard area or on top of a barrel in the center of the boat. She sat on the barrel while the crew went into Goosby’s rapid. As the boat went down the first drop they did fine and then as they attempted to turn right before the “oldsmobile” rock the front left side of the batteau hit the rock and she went over the right side!

The force of hitting the rock and Lisa sitting higher on the barrel caused her to be ejected off the right side of the boat and into the water while her left hand hit a rock and the boat then crushed her left hand between the boat and the rock. Lisa said she had puncture wounds and was bleeding profusely. She had someone take her rings off as her hand started to swell. Crew from the Lady’s Slipper batteau saw the Game Commission boat coming and they flagged them down to come to Lisa’s assistance. The brought her to Warren’s Ferry, which is just down-stream from Goosby’s. An ambulance met them there and they took Lisa to their office in Scottsville. There they treated her hand and she was released.

I saw Lisa walking down the street as I was driving through town. We met at the Tavern and Lisa got some refreshment’s and told me about what had happened. Lisa asked that people not to worry as she is ok and stuff like this has happened before and will happen again. She was in good spirits, or as good as she could be at the moment.

We are expecting some rain this afternoon but hopefully it will not come until after the festivities are over this evening in Scottsville.

Holt Messerly