Amherst CountyBatteauGalt's Mill site of the JRBF

JRBF-Galts Mill, Sunday AM, June 16th, 2019.

The Galt’s Mill site of the 2019 James River Batteau Festival was great this morning.

Another beautiful morning, slightly cool and real clear for taking photos! My dog Jake got to “GO” today to visit the batteaux and other batteau dogs. It’s hard to hold the camera and the dog at the same time but he wanted to go real bad and we had fun. He behaved pretty good. The dog on the Alvin Eugene was so well behaved and liked posing for the camera.

Concern was raised this morning about the batteau Seven Islands not reaching camp last night. Never fear, the fine crew onboard the Seven Islands came down the river in style later on this morning gliding past the campsite at Galt’s Mill. They had stopped a little ways up-river and were  just fine.

Captain David Haney and Emmett took the Madison batteau down-river. David ran the front sweep while Emmett got the back. The Lady’s Slipper shoved off with lots of pretty pink outfits and stylish poling techniques practiced for many years.

The Maple Run finally got going after taking their time getting it all together but they eased on down the river well.

The Thomas Jefferson, Led by some grown up Hansen men and the usual assortment of adults and kids having a fantastic time on the river, headed on down with ease.

Also, once again, for Fathers Day, Father Ralph Smith of the Anthony Rucker batteau saw the Smith sons on the Morning Dew batteau and life was good.

Holt Messerly

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