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Batteaux have great launch from Percival’s Island today, June 15th, 2019.

The weather was great for the start of the 2019 James River Batteau Festival. It was nice and clear and sunny, the river water was a good color, not muddy and conditions were just right!

The batteaux slowly drifted down to Percival’s Island to wait for the official launch as they were announced by Jeff Taylor on the river bank. Jeff has announced this event for many years and dresses in a fine old timey outfit.

The batteau Lizzie Langley was in exceptional fine shape. Pretty close to perfect. Good job Dylan  Schumacher and crew. Even the nice new walkboards on the ends were cut in real nice.

The Maple Run was once again floating well as to be expected. Roger Huffman and crew, including the star of The Tiller Magazine, Mr. Ricky Brightwell, was on board. Ricky was on the front cover of the latest issue that just came out, from a photo I took of Ricky at last year’s JRBF launch!

The Clifton Lee had an outstanding batteau presentation. Great details and very nice old timey outfits and items on display.

The Slate River glided on in to Percival’s in their usual good way.

When the cannon on the River Time went off at 11:00 am, Jeff started announcing the boats to leave. The mass of all kinds of boats with the batteaux was incredible. Great crowd on the bank. A very good launch!

On the shore the vendors selling soaps, jewelry and showing historical information such as the University of Lynchburg’s nice display. The JRBF T-shirt booth was really busy after the boats left. The VC&NS booth, manned by Bill Trout, Shirley Snidow and Philip de Vos was busseling with people checking out the publications and talking to Bill.

The batteaux arrive in Galt’s Mill tonight and the public is invited to come welcome them to their first night in Amherst County, birthplace of the Batteau.

Holt Messerly, June 15, 2019.

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