BatteauScottsvilleSlate River

Scottsville – June 21, 2017 – Photos by Polly Wooldridge.

The batteaux floated between Howardsville and Scottsville on Wednesday. Ms. Polly Wooldridge was there and sent the photos above to share! Thanks Polly!

Thursday the batteaux go to Slate River. If you are going, please be aware that the site moved last year to a new location, just across the Slate River (up-river on the James). If you are going by car from rt. 15, pass by the old Solite Plant and continue a few minutes until you pass over the Slate River, which would look like a creek by road, and the entrance to the site will be on your right. Please take caution and drive only where designated.

Friday the batteaux travel to Cartersville. If you are following you can stop at New Canton boat ramp and see them pass by, and also around lunchtime(ish) they pass by Columbia at the boat ramp. 

Saturday the batteaux go from Cartersville to Maiden’s Landing.