Anthony RuckerBatteauWingina

Wingina – Tuesday Morning – June 20, 2017.

The batteaux traveled from Bent Creek to Wingina on Monday. The batteau Anthony Rucker had some trouble along the way somehow getting stuck on some rocks and a major board along the waterline broke off the boat causing it to sink and the crew to scramble and gather all gear/boxes while other crews helped secure the boat, flip it upside down and the approx 40 foot board was nailed back in place. The boat flipped back right side up, gear put back in the boat and continue on to Wingina! Long time batteauist and former JRBF Chairman Ralph Smith joked that it was all Clay Atkin’s fault for not being there due to his broken wrist! It seems that Ralph isn’t used to running the front sweep as well as Clay! I spoke to Clay on the phone Monday morning and he is in good spirits and is going to Charlottesville on Wednesday for further surgery.

During Monday afternoon/evening it rained really hard a couple of times and the river had risen to a high and muddy level and was moving very fast by Tuesday Morning. The road into the campsite was a muddy mess in several spots. The crews were doing well and getting ready for the trip to Howardsville. The batteau Rose of Nelson took their boat out onto their trailer which had been planned for that day anyway. The boats were slow leaving but eventually all left on the way to Howardsville.