BatteauHowardsvilleLady's Slipper

Howardsville – Tuesday afternoon, June 20, 2017.

The batteaux traveled from Wingina to Howardsville on Tuesday. The river was high, fast and muddy, but was slowly receding and calming down all during the day.

The batteau Ladies Slipper was the first to arrive. The rest of the batteaux came in a few at a time and seemed to take their sweet time getting there since with that water level it would have been an easy shorter than normal day to Howardsville.

Once again the fine group of local ladies gathered along the bank to wait for the batteau and cheer the arrivals! Tables with plastic table cloths and fancy rocking camping chairs and all sorts of fine snacks and beverages were brought in by the ladies for this annual event! It was fun sitting and visiting with the ladies. One lady had fun trying to pick out which batteau man she would have on particular months if she were to make a calendar! This was quite funny and she was slightly embarrassed when I invited Sebastian from the batteau Mary Marshall to come give her a hug! (Ladies if you want to get prints of your group photo see

The batteaux travel to Scottsville on Wednesday where a nice festival is planned!

On Thursday they go to Slate River and then on to Cartersville on Friday. Saturday they arrive in Maidens.

I won’t be able to go take pictures and cover this event until Saturday afternoon. If anyone has photos/stories they would like posted, please email

Good luck and safe travels the rest of the way!