BatteauSlate River

JRBF-2016-Scottsville to Slate River

Photos above from the Hardware River boat ramp which is between Scottsville and Slate River.

Thursday morning in Scottsville was very wet as a big storm hit during the early hours. Rain continued to fall during the morning while the batteaux loaded up to head down-river. Ralph Smith was helpful to the crew of the Thomas Jefferson as he hooked up one of his batteries to their pump to get some of the water out of their boat since they had not arrived back to camp yet. After visiting with some canoeist friends from Richmond who canceled their trip after arriving in Scottsville, I headed down to the Hardware River boat ramp. The water was rising there but still wasn’t muddy. A couple of hours later I headed to the new site beside the Slate River.

The new Slate River site was very muddy due to the rain and some people were having a hard time and got stuck in the mud with their vehicles. Dave Polce and some of his friends helped push people that got stuck.