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JRBF-2016 Galt’s Mill to Bent Creek

Galt’s Mill was beautiful when I arrived Sunday Morning. The sun was out and the air was clear and cool. Some people said that they got cold during the night and that there was a big fog earlier.

The batteaux were getting ready to go and several Boy Scout troops had their canoes packed and ready to go down the river.

I shuttled to Bent Creek and launched at the Greif Brother’s mill (With permission and signed waiver forms). Getting ahead of the batteaux let my friend Doug Berry and I take photos from Higgenbothom Falls. Finally about 4:00 we decided we needed to leave Higgenbothom in order to get to camp and get set up. Several batteaux came through after I already had the camera packed in the waterproof box.

The Bent Creek site was nice and the Pizza Truck was busy making orders and there was a long line. The moon came up during the night and was huge and very cool.