BatteauJRBF General Information

2016 JRBF – FAQ – Information from Chairman Andrew Shaw:

Thanks for your interest in the James River Batteau Festival!
As we prepare for another successful year on the river, please consider
the following information in planning your time on the river!

2016 JRBF Color Brochure:
Free Download – Print as many copies as you want!

-Important site change: Slate River. This year we will be using a different campsite at Slate River. Our day on the river won’t change, as we are just moving to the opposite bank of the Slate, however it is very important that we both respect our new host and do not attempt to access the old site, which is now the site of a significant lumber operation whose business we cannot interfere with. New site can be accessed from Rt 652 and is the very last turn if coming from Scottsville before crossing the Slate. Follow the road down to the river. We must not drive or park on the left hand side of the road! DO NOT TIE UP BOATS OR CAMP AT THE OLD SITE. WE DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO BE ON SOLITE PROPERTY. Click here for new Google Map.

-Campsites: The James River Batteau Festival could not exist without the generous support of landowners who host us year after year. Please respect their property by staying in designated camping areas, picking up after yourself, and being especially careful to avoid fields with crops!

-Meals: Each year we partner with a variety of food vendors to offer an affordable dinner at each site. Many of these are civic groups for whom the festival represents an opportunity for fundraising. Consider simplifying your planning and supporting or vendors by purchasing dinner at each site!

-General Info: A color brochure containing site info, a general description of each day on the river, as well as a road map of each campsite is available as a free download (PDF).

-Canoeists and Kayaks: As always we encourage canoeists and kayakers to enjoy the river with us! We ask that you contribute $5 per night or $25 for a week as a camping fee, payable at the t-shirt booth. There are significant costs associated with putting on the Festival and we appreciate your financial support! Click here to pay camping fees online.

-Ice: Ice is available for purchase each day morning, either at local stores or provided by the festival. When provided by the festival it is on a first come first serve basis.

-Trash: Trash disposal is available at each site, either by the festival or county dumpster. Please ensure all of your trash makes it to the appropriate spot!

-Water: Water will be available at Bent Creek, Wingina, Howardsville, Scottsville, and Slate River. Err on the side of caution and try to maintain enough water for two days at all times!

-VCNS: Please consider joining our parent organization, the Virginia Canals and Navigation’s society. For over three decades, the VCNS has worked tirelessly to promote knowledge and preservation of our state’s historic navigation resources. VCNS members were critical in the discovery and preservation of batteaux in the basin dig in Richmond, have actively worked to preserve canal relics, and have published a wide array of river atlases detailing both the character of rivers and the geographic and historic sites that populate them. Without the VCNS, the Batteau festival wouldn’t have come into existence and could not continue. Please consider joining at the t-shirt booth! Click here to join online. The VCNS has the James River Batteau Festival Trail Atlas for sale online and will also be at the VCNS booth along the river.

-River Flows: As of writing just about a month out we have had a great deal of rain and the James and her tributaries are full! Lots can change between now and then, and you can keep track of river flows by going to and clicking on James River Levels at the top of the page.