Swiftwater Rescue Class to be held on April 23rd in Lynchburg during the annual VC&NS Conference Weekend.

On Saturday April 23, 2016 The James River Batteau Festival will be represented by Chairman Andrew Shaw. A Swiftwater Rescue Class will be held near Lynchburg, VA led by Andrew and others. Many Batteau groups will be attending for hands on safety training by/in the river. Be sure to get a wetsuit that fits or other appropriate cold-water personal protection and bring a pfd just in case. (Life Jacket).

The class will be held at Lee’s Landing. This property is a beautiful section of river front on the Madison Heights side of Lynchburg, just below the Training Center. The Lee family has been most generous over the years allowing batteau crews to launch boats from the beach. Click here for directions to Lee’s Landing.

VC&NS conference attendees can watch this event or go on a local tour of canal sites with Dr. Bill Trout. Bill and several others are putting together this alternate tour which is to start at Joshua Falls Boat Ramp and go up-river along Mt. Atho’s Road and then possible lunch at Moore’s Country Store and then back to Lynchburg.

Also don’t forget the original plan for touring Lynchburg Museums and the Point of Honor. Many VC&NS conference attendees will be doing that during the day on Saturday.

Saturday night will be the banquet dinner. See the VC&NS Conference application form for details. Please let’s all register for the VC&NS Conference even if you are just coming for the white water safety class. The class is free but helping the VC&NS is helping the JRBF too so please make plans to register.

Directions ¬†to Lee’s Landing is in pdf form – click here to download map.

Let’s plan on good day.