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JRBF-2015-Maidens Landing – 30th Annual JRBF comes to a quiet end for this year.

The 30th Annual James River Batteau Festival came to a quiet ending at Maidens Landing Saturday afternoon. The hard core batteau crews made their way down on a rainy day from Cartersville to Maidens. Several took advantage of the higher water and came on in sooner than in years past, while others must have put out an anchor trying to put time on hold.

It was really nice to see the batteau Margaret Stevens come in to their home stop on the last day, having met the crew earlier in Scottsville and took photos as they launched in Lynchburg the Friday afternoon before last. They made it to Maidens and were looking good! Congratulations to the crew!

Rain continued to come down hard at times during the afternoon while waiting on the batteaux to arrive. The parking lot was like a lake. The muddy bank down to the rivers edge was extremely slick.

Dave the paddling potter ran the drawing for his three jugs and David Samuels from the Lady’s Slipper won the smaller third prize. I don’t recall who won second and first. The jugs are 3 sizes and are very popular with batteau and all boats crews.

Brian Coffield reports that he had about 11 copies of the new JRBF Trail Atlas left. I had brought him 65 and Bill Trout had 3 more. I was happy to see sales up.

A Ladys Slipper crew member reports that the pink copy of the jrbft atlas brought to Gail via Batteau Mail might not be lost but in one of the crews dry bags. Monday Afternoon I heard from Ralph Smith and he said that Randy had gotten the Ladys Slipper batteau off the rocks. No word on the final condition of the boat.

I gathered a few of the last folks into an impromptu  group shot and that last shot of the year is always hard to choose and that was the last photo taken by Holt for the 30th annual JRBF!

I have no doubt the other crews made it in a little later and were in no hurry to get back to the real world.

It was an incredible week starting out hot and then a little cool and rainy. It was so good to see old friends and meet new ones. See you on the River.

Holt Messerly