JRBF-2015-Cartersville-Friday Night-Sat. am.

The 2015 JRBF Official Group Photo Photo by Holt Messerly Prints available from http://messelyphoto.com
The 2015 JRBF Official Group Photo
Photo by Holt Messerly

Leaving Slate River as the last batteaux headed out towards Cartersville I took one last look at the brown muddy water that had risen about a foot since after the huge storm.

The Batteau Thomas Jefferson was sitting at New Canton boat ramp in the mid afternoon waiting for their trailer. They didn’t have any problems with the batteau, just tired and wanted to go home and not pole the long stretches ahead in this kind of water and possible rain.

The Lady’s Slipper crew rounded up volunteers to go meet with the land owner and ride down to the boat where it was stuck the night before at 7 island rapid. Gail Timberlake told me in Cartersville that they got the sign off the side and the flag and a few things. Several people’s bags with wallets and personal things floated down the river. Hopefully someone can find these items and return them. The Lady’s Slipper is in bad shape. David Samuels has photos to send in of the wrecked boat. At this point no one knows if it is salvageable or not. Mr. Kevin Ferrell is planning an excursion with Mason Basten in a Jet Boat to go up-river in a couple of days and see what can be done. The lady’s were in good spirits in Cartersville despite their troubles. They sang the song about Dewey Wood once more (The shortened version) when the group photo was taken before dark. Ralph Smith made several announcements and also received an award with a gift card for a nice meal from Brian Coffield, (past president of the VC&NS). Gail Timberlake gave Ralph a very large stained glass painting of a batteau and joked that Ralph might need to donate the wood for a new Lady’s Slipper.

The Dewey Pole was awarded to the Rose of Nelson Crew from past recipient Randy Waycaster of the batteau Slate River.

The night wore on and MJ had a very nice campfire in a fancy round fire pit with fire-proof blanket around it. Several jars of various flavors of adult beverage were passed around to taste. Eventually a few batteau came floating in slowly with candles on their boats and that was nice.

Saturday AM Cartersville is muddy as usual and the water is calmed down but still muddy. Several batteaux decided to stop at Cartersville instead of go the long day today with possible rain ahead.