JRBF-2015- Scottsville – Wed. Night – BATTEAUX

The Batteau Festival eased on into Scottsville on Wednesday afternoon. The weather had calmed down some from the day before. It actually felt comfortable and in the evening/night it actually got cool and had a breeze now and then. Sleeping by the river was no problem compared to how miserably hot it was to try and sleep at Howardsville the night before.

Arriving early in Scottsville via car Wednesday afternoon I visited the Tavern on the James. The staff greeted me with lots of hospitality and smiles. The atmosphere inside the renovated building was very nice. Sitting at the bar and having a really great lunch special washed down with apple cider from the tap was a very nice way to spend part of the afternoon!

Down at the boat ramp the vendors were setting up along the private campground of James River Runners that runs up-river from the game commission landing’s parking lot. The VC&NS set up their booth at the corner of the entrance to the private area. Past-President Brian Coalfield and Dr. Bill Trout III visited with the public and sold many VC&NS publications. The new 30th anniversary JRBF-Trail atlas is selling very well.

Long time Batteau Captain Brian Roberts had a wedding ceremony at the upper campground by the James River. The riverside chapel consisted of white ribbons lining a walkway to the river with an archway above wrapped with the white and a bouquet of wildflowers in the center of the archway. Various rustic artwork such as an interesting stump were decorated with flowers and such. The wood-fired pizza oven was there as well as a huge cake with berries and such on it. This event was very nice. See the separate gallery for those photos.