2015 JRBF Information for Participants from Chairman Ralph Smith:

Only 2 weeks until the 30th Annual James River Batteau Festival, hopefully everyone’s preparations are going well.  I wanted to bring some things to everyone’s attention and also ask for some help.
At this point we’ve had the normal bumps in the road leading up to the festival but no major problems at least of which I’m aware.   Attached to this email is a general information sheet which has info which can/should be provided to everyone possible.  It helps in many ways, not the least of which is to eliminate a lot of questions being asked.
It’s currently Friday June 4th and Lynchburg has been having mostly light rain for about the past week and this has caused a moderate rise in the river.  The Scottsville gauge level now is 2930cfs up from about 2200cfs earlier in the week, these remain close to my ideal level but a lot can and will change in the next 2 weeks.  No additional rain between now and the festival and we probably wouldn’t have historic low levels, but it could still be very low.  And we all know the river can react very quickly to a major storm so everyone should monitor the river and if the level creates concerns we’ll have that discussion if and when it’s necessary.                                                                                                                                                          
Other than our individual preparations we need to also do some site work and I’m asking you to consider if you can help.  
Wingina – This is one of the most beautiful sites we have, but it is not maintained by anyone and right now will have chest high grass everywhere.  Mike Neal brings his bush hog, and we need a half dozen or more individuals with weed eaters to make it a 2-3 hour job.  The cleanup is planned for Friday June 12th, 3:00 if you can make it.
Bent Creek – Mike Lee has bush hogged the field at this site for for years and is doing so again this year.  It would really make things nicer if we could get a crew with weed eaters to do along the riverbank  and create paths down to the river so we don’t  have to walk through tall grasses.  This cleanup is planned for Saturday June 13th in the am if you can make it.
Slate River – Randy Waycaster has coordinated this cleanup for the past several years and again it would be great of some of you who live in the area can volunteer to help him.  Email me if you are possibly able to help and I’ll send you info to get in touch with Randy, at this point I don’t know when the cleanup will happen.
Thanks to Morning Dew and Sedalia crews who have in the past and again this year will cleanup the Stapleton site.
I know the Clifton Lee is involved in the Rassawek Spring Jubilee this weekend, hopefully others are joining them both for the enjoyment and to help.  Contact Lisa for further info.
Other than that I won’t restate all info. that’s in the PDF File-click here to down-load, if you have questions please feel free to ask.  Look forward to seeing you on the Old Timey James very soon.
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