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Tireless James & Fall Meeting for JRBF held at Howardsville – Sept. 12, 2014

The 2014 “Tireless James” event was held between the Wildlife Management Area down-river from Wingina, to Howardsville. Several Batteaux participated in this event which was sponsored by the James River Association. There were a lot of tires removed from the river that day! Good job everyone!!!

Later in the evening the annual meeting of the JRBF was held at the Howardsville campsite owned by Mr. Jimmy Crews. A nice fire was in the center of the ring as everyone gathered around to hear Chairman Ralph Smith announce several items of interest to JRBF participants.

Ralph Smith, JRBF Chairman will continue on through the 2015 JRBF, the 30th annual. We are proud to announce that Mr. Andrew Shaw will take on the leadership role and become the next JRBF Chairman from that point forward. We are confident that Andrew will help lead the JRBF into the future. We thank Ralph for the many many years and next year that he has been Chairman.

Holt Messerly stood up to announce the publication of the newest VC&NS Atlas “The Chickahominy River Atlas”. Capt. Don Bright bought the first copy which isn’t going to be officially released until a Pow-Wow later this month.

Don Bright spoke about his vision of an event in downtown Richmond next Summer after the JRBF. Batteaux would come and put into the Canal and participate in the event. Details are being worked out at this time.

Brian Coffield, VC&NS President, spoke of the many great things going on in the VC&NS and praised Dr. Bill Trout for his many contributions to the society. Brian announced the new “Home” building in Madison Heights that is being purchased by Dr. Trout. More about this home place for the VC&NS to come.

The night wound down and good friends enjoyed the warmth of the fire into the night.