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Friday Night and all is well at the River!

Friday night at the Boat Ramp at River’s Edge Park in Amherst County was calm and spirits were high. Old friends met new friends.

I met a man named Bo on the batteau Rockfish Runner. He asked if I knew Brian Roberts. Later on when he and Brian and Brian’s brother came down the ramp they were excited to pose for a photo all smiles. We laughed about getting the before photo now.

Randy Waycaster, Captain of the batteau Slate River had his boat looking real good. I joked that they needed a sponge to put water in the boat! They poled up-river to park for the night.

A little further down-river was a “river rat’ named Roy Barnard. Roy has been every festival that we know of.

All sorts of preparations were underway for the big launch tomorrow. Draper Lee was loading some very large containers into his boat and he said he was “doing it right”.

Barbara and David Haney came by visiting the boats. David, past Chairman of the JRBF and old timey batteau captain of the Pride of Campbell County was showing his calendar on his phone where he had a countdown to retirement from the railroad. I think he even knows the minutes and seconds that are left to go!

Preparations are being finalized and Tomorrow is the big day!