Amherst CountyBatteauDebbie

The Batteau “Debbie” getting ready at the Amherst Boat Ramp

The new Riveredge Park in Amherst County is the site of the boat ramp that the batteaux use to take the boats off their trailers and put into the river.

My dog Jake and I came down on this Sunday Evening hoping to meet up with some of the old timey batteau people! Draper Lee and his mom and dog were the first to greet us in the parking lot.

When we went down the ramp none other than Dan Tucker and some of the crew of the Debbie were at the bottom of the boat ramp. Dan and everyone posed crazy on the rear of the boat with the sun going down over Lynchburg.

The river was looking a little low but a great color and looked great! This is going to be another epic year, the 29th annual James River Batteau Festival. My name is Holt Messerly and I’ll be going along the whole way once again, this year. I’m planning on some rapid shots along the way. Doug Berry is also coming to take some photos too.