BatteauMaiden's Landing

Maiden’s Landing – Last Stop of the 2013 JRBF – News from Doug Berry

Our friend Doug Berry has been taking some photos for the JRBF this week and also paddling a canoe writes about Maiden’s Landing:

Doug Berry said:

“I came in first at Maiden’s Landing.  (No kidding, as far as I know I was the first canoe/kayak.)  The first batteau in was Randy Waycaster and the Slate River Batteau, not that it matters.  I wish I had been the last one coming in from the river.  Shortly after most people arrived we had a pouring down rain shower.  So lots of us were loading up batteau, canoes, etc. in the downpour.  No one seem to particularly mind.  Most were glad they weren’t still on the river.  Some were glad to cool off.  Some were still on the river.  We said our goodbyes and departed from batteau friends with regret, until another year.  I heard someone say they wish the batteau festival happened twice a year.”

Photos from Maiden’s and a group photo from Cartersville to come.