BatteauSlate River

Slate River site report from photographer Doug Berry.

What the hey?  I don’t even know where I am.  I think about six of those trains in Scottsville ran over my SUV in the middle of the night.  (The first train that came by, I woke up and thought I must have parked on the train tracks by mistake.  What a fright!  and you can put that in your blog if you like.)
I don’t have much to say about Slate River except that it was a fast trip.  The fastest I’ve ever seen.  It only took us about three hours to make the trip of ? miles.  And that’s stopping to tie the canoes together to eat and socialize and just drift down the river.  And there were waves at Seven Mile Island that were most enjoyable in a canoe–as long as you didn’t get turned sideways.  Fortunately, with Dave Polce at my front and Dave Simpson guarding the rear, I (the novice) made it through with gusto.  It was a great ride!  Wish everyone could have been there and enjoyed the river.  Makes you feel bad for someone who hasn’t ever AND makes you hate to get off the river at the end of the week.  But we need some more sleep without trains, don’t we?

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