River News from Wingina and other places this week as reported by Doug Berry

The talk of the batteau people at Wingina was of the fast current which pushed batteaux into brush, rocks, hung them up, etc.  Among others the Lady Slipper got hung up twice.  The Anthony Rucker was pushed up sideways onto some brush and small trees.  The batteau was sideways in the way with the gunnel about two feet below water.  Twenty or so men tried to push it off and couldn’t budge it.  When forty-seven men got together they pushed it off of there, lifted the back end of the boat about four feet in the air and poured the water out of the bow end.  They said it was a sight to see.  Unbelievable what a bunch of MAN-power can do together.
     More than one batteau man was knocked into the water by the batteau slamming into a rock.
No batteaux were lost due to the teamwork of batteau people and all were salvaged.  The Virginia Creeper knocked a hole in its bottom which was repaired but they decided to pull out of the water at Wingina the next morning. No one sustained more than minor injuries.
     Water rescue was called by someone but it turned out to be probably unnecessary.  

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