Monday Night – Wingina – Films by Doug Berry shown to public, and notice from Doug:

On Monday night at Wingina, Doug Berry showed a video documentary on trips down the James River during Batteau Festivals.  The showing was a huge success and enjoyed by many.  He will be showing this documentary again at Cartersville so if you’re interested in seeing it, check for his TV display at the VCNS booth with Dr. Trout.
     He also is showing a 30-minute interview sampler on Blu-ray disc consisting of five minute segments from interviews that he has done with Nancy Trout, Dr. Bill Trout, John Rothert, David Haney, Barbara Haney and last but not least, Holt Messerly, Jr.
     Doug has set up a “stage” in his home video studio in North Chesterfield for interviews with long-term participants in the Batteau Festival, Captains of batteau participating in the Festival, founders of the Batteau Festival and others.  If you would like to arrange in an interview, please contact him at or Ph. 804-748-5685 to set up an interview time.  These interviews will be given at his passing (and before) to the Batteau archivist, presently Diane Easley, and other historical associations to preserve them for future reference and research.  This is for the benefit of the Batteau Festival; to preserve the history of the Festival and Festival beginnings, and is a long-term project conducted by Doug at his own time and expense.
     With today’s gas prices, it is getting difficult and expensive for Doug to go to everyone that should be interviewed who lives out-of-town.  If you come to his video studio, it is an expense of one trip.  If he goes to everyone, it is expenses for many trips, sometimes involving meals and a motel.  There is also an advantage to the professional “look” and sound quality given by his home studio.  If anyone finds this to be a hardship, Doug says he will go to them.