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Galt’s Mill – Sunday AM – Batteaux doing fine!

Everyone was doing good at Galt’s Mill this morning. The sun was shining, the water was clearing up, a great level and it just doesn’t get much better than that.

Had a good visit on board the Debbie with Isasc and the crew. They were cooking up some coffee over a hearth on the boat.

The Rosa Lee batteau was looking outstanding. Very good on the authenticity!

Shirley Snidow was getting back at me fussing about how I got them on Friday! I had thought they didn’t fall for my joke but omg they did. I forgot about the blonde tendancy’s on that boat….lol…j/k. On Friday I called Lisa and was pretending to be serious and asked if the boat was supposed to be up to the gunnwale in the water. I thought Lisa knew I was pulling her chain and she must have called Shirley on the cell phone because Shirley said she was driving crazy fast to get to the boat to check on it and wanted to throw me in the water or something when they saw the boat was ok. Gosh I bet I could get them on april fools day pretty easy if they fell for that one….lol….

The rest of the morning it was a long wait for everyone to finally shove off. They were in no hurry and the Rose of Nelson was the last to leave at 10:01 am. They were looking great too. No modern stuff in sight for the photos, but I did give them a chance to move the plastic ice bag trash. 🙂

On to Bent Creek!