BatteauBent Creek Site of the JRBF

Bent Creek – Sunday Night

The Bent Creek site was orderly and clean. The shade under the trees by the river was nice and the field parking was good. The JRBF and VC&NS booths had merged side by side to have a bridge in the center with another tarp so it was like one big booth. Good idea!

The bank was a bit steep to get onboard the Spirit of Buckingham and the Slate River batteau. Randy Waycaster was cooking up two separate dutch oven’s over his fire pit with charcoal. One had peach cobler in it and the other chicken breast cooked in water with garlic and onion and hot peppers and olive oil if I remember him correctly. Another gentleman from their crew passed by a bottle of “apple pie” beverage in a mason jar to share. Very tasty.

Vito’s Pizza had a big truck their and cooked up some fantastic pizza’s. Mr Plyler and his grandson and an elderly man relative were sitting along the road in camp and offered me a couple of pieces and I happily accepted their hospitality. Thank you!

The JRBF T-shirt booth had nice colors and I was pleased to have 3x’s in stock so I got a nice blue one to take home.

The boats made good time today. Most said they didn’t hardly pick up a pole. The Rose of Nelson got in about 4 or 4:30 after leaving this morning at 10:01. Thats fantastic time.

Also most people went through the middle of higgenbothom and it was hard to eddy out at this level I was told. The Lady’s Slipper got pivoted on a rock in the center of the boat and spun slightly. I can’t remember exactly what they said but they had some excitement there but are ok. No major problems to report.

Blog reporting from this point forward may be spotty. I can’t go during the week as I have to work. Again if anyone wants to help take pictures and or just type up happenings covering the batteau festival, please email I can set you up a contributor status login for the site so you can do only your postiings and photo galleries. Lisa B. is set up so bug her to post some reports. She can drive that fancy truck to get wi-fi…… Or people can email me stories and photos and I’ll put them online as soon as I can.

Thank you for reading my accounts, and please visit the remaining sites if you can.